Naked Yoga and its TOP Psychological Benefits

Naked Yoga and Its Psychological Benefits

Naked yoga affects not only your body’s muscles, but it does wonderful things for the mind as well. The sexier you feel as you move through a naked yoga flow, the more your psyche comes to life.

What is naked yoga?

Naked yoga brings an edgy side to a free-flowing and peaceful exercise. This fitness exercise can be as private or as social as you want it to be and there are benefits to each option! Privately done nude yoga allows the opportunity to let your inner sexiness shine through and focus on yourself as you stretch out every intimate part of your body. Socially performed nude fitness gives you and the other people involved in the exercise the opportunity to support each other and be inspired by what their bodies can do.

What are the psychological benefits of nude yoga?

Naked Yoga should be a part of everyone’s workout schedule. Nude fitness and different forms of such an exercise can contribute to so many different psychological benefits. If you’ve ever done naked yoga or a workout similar to it, you know how good you feel afterward, but what are you actually getting from this form of fitness?

Reduced Stress
Everyone gets stressed over something–some more often than others, but nude yoga can help with that! Any form of exercise or workout that gets your heart rate up is proven to decrease stress levels significantly, but as you’re unclothing and letting your boobs hang free and letting your lower half breathe–you’re also leaving your struggles at the door. You’re leaving the struggles of work, kids, relationships behind. When you do a yoga workout, it is just you and the mat (or floor) and your mind as you let yourself connect with your environment and surroundings. As your body caresses the ground in child’s pose or opens wide in the warrior pose, you will feel your stresses melt away with every glisten of sweat on your nude and toned body.

Improved Body Image
We’re so used to covering up, so of course, everyone is so insecure about their body image! When you go to a nude yoga fitness class, you come without the front you put up and the clothes and makeup that you put on on a daily basis, and everyone is put on an even playing field. As you’re doing your yoga workout and moving to downward-facing dog, you can look around and see everyone in the exercise following suit, exposed to the surroundings, and showing you that everyone is human underneath. It’s so important that you embrace what you look like without clothes on, so that you can love every bit of your body with clothing on regardless of your level of fitness, willingness to exercise, or love for yoga.

Strengthened Confidence
Come as you are. You don’t need to cover up your insecurities in naked yoga because you’re sexy regardless! If you can walk into a room of people, nude, and without a place to hide–you can do anything. If you can look at yourself, your whole self, with respect–you can take on anything that is brought your way. Your body can do incredible things. Your bare legs can stretch and support your upper half. Your nude torso can contort. Your strong arms can push and pull your body in any direction you wish. By doing a nude workout like this, you can bring your body and mind full circle– you just need to listen to it.

A New Outlook on Sexuality
When you think of the words: nude, boobs, penis, and butt–your mind may go straight to sex or things of a sexual nature. This isn’t what I’m talking about when I say sexuality. Every time you get nude, you’re not necessarily gunning to be looked at sexually. A workout, fitness routine, or exercise where you are nude gives you strength and grounds you in the fact that you are a woman or you are a man or you are what you identify with. You’re not just a sexual object and by participating in nude fitness like yoga–you will see that. If you’re comfortable with it, you’ll get to be in a workout with other like-minded people that see you for you throughout every exercise in a yoga fitness routine.

Naked Yoga has more to it than just being fit, sexy, and flexible. As you’re bending and moving to your personal exercise flow, allow yourself to become centered in the workout and get all of the benefits from this fitness that you can–including reduced stress, an incredible body image, strengthened confidence, and a new outlook on your own individual sexuality. If you’re still unsure, give this workout a try! You may find more benefits than what is listed here and you may just find your new favorite routine.

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Naked Yoga and Its Psychological Benefits

  1. What are the benefits of naked yoga?
Naked yoga will make you sexy from the inside out by emphasizing on body positivity, reduced stress levels, oneness with your mind and body, and toned as well as fit muscles.

  1. What are the disadvantages of naked yoga?
Naked yoga can become a distraction if you’re not comfortable undressing. If you’re too busy worrying about your appearance, you’re not able to concentrate enough on how incredible you look and feel.

  1. Are 20 minutes of naked yoga a day enough?
Yoga is great because you can adjust the practice time to fit your wants and needs. If you want to do an hour-long naked flow–amazing. If you want to practice for five minutes–equally incredible.

  1. How many days a week should you do naked yoga?
Naked yoga is an exercise, which means there needs to be limits and restrictions. I recommend doing 3-5 days of naked yoga a week. Give yourself time to rest and see your results come to life!

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11/08/2020 12:56

To me nakedness is more about relieving myself from clothes and sticky swimwear and make my body being able to breeth when possible. I practice nude outdoor yoga in the summer down to 14 degrees C.