Kim’s Sexy Quarantine Workout in Bikini

As she continues to quarantine at home, Kim takes a new workout style, wearing a bikini during her training session.

On Friday, the 39-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians posted her “quarantine workout” photos on Instagram. In the two photos, she was wearing a racy cheetah print two-piece and a chunky pair of sneakers.

Kim posed on a Stairmaster machine rocking a blonde wig and full makeup. “Omg” Emily Ratajkowski commented, while hundreds of her fans commented with heart eye and flame emojis.

Naked Fiesta held in Swiss | The Body & Freedom Festival

The Body and Freedom Festival, which bills itself as the world’s first ever festival for “naked performing in urban space,” is held during summer in the sleepy Swiss town of Biel.

The event showcases 18 international artists who are performing naked in the street, at times interacting with the public. The Body and Freedom Festival aims to shatter societies’ stigma on public nudity, with performances ranging from bare-breasted artists mixing with clothed crowds, to naked dancing and art on human bodies.

“They reveal the vulnerability and vulnerability of the naked body in many of its manifestations, but will also show its power and charisma in the area of ​​conflict of “civilized” urbanity and “raw” nature, and will interpret public space as an appropriate platform for statement and interaction,” the organizers explained. For more adventurous cultuver-vultures, you can even pay to join some of the performances, such as naked lunch or naked people watching.

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3 Ultimate Butt Exercises… Do it anywhere

Here are three great butt exercises anyone can do without going to the gym. All you need is a resistance band.

1. Hip Abduction
2. Hip Thrusts
3. Side Clam Shells

Hip Abduction
Lie down on your back with your knees bent. Place an elastic band around your knees and then pull your knees apart. Bring them back to starting position slowly to maximize results. Do not slam the knees against one another.

Hip Thrusts
Keep the knees bent and resistance band around your legs. Now place the feet apart from one another, approximately at shoulder width. There should be some tension in the resistance band. Begin exercise by raising hips up and then bring it back down to starting position. Remember to push with your heels in order to engage target muscle groups.

Side Clam Shells
This exercise is done by laying on your side on the ground. Slide a resistance band on so that it sits just above your knee. Bend your legs at the knee and pull your legs up so your thigh is perpendicular to your torso. Now you will open and close your knees, keeping your feet together, in a motion that resembles a clam opening and closing. Once again, make sure to go slow, maintaining control against the resistance band.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Faster Results

Electrical muscle stimulation works by sending an electrical current to the targeted muscle, forcing it to contract. EMS has received a large amount of attention in the last few years. Until recently EMS was primarily used with therapeutic purpose to help manage muscle and/or joint pain.

Recent studies have shown EMS being very effective when used for strength training. Athletes and actors use EMS during their exercise for greater muscle tension. As a result this helps stimulate working muscle resulting in greater growth. Several actors have used this technique to speed up their results when preparing for a certain movie roll. EMS can shorten the time a person needs to acquire muscle strength. Approximately 15 minute training session with EMS can have the same if not more impact then traditional one to two hour workout without stimulating the muscle using electricity.

Training Components

Personal Training Must Consists of 3 Main Components:

1. Warm up (10min)
Before you engage in actual exercise you must warm up the muscles, get your temperature up to trigger certain enzymes to start working. Foam rolling can be used as part of the warm up. It helps decrease muscle tension by getting rid of muscle knots.

2. Workout (40min)
Sets of various excises for different muscle groups.

3. Cool-down (10min)
This involved bringing your heart rate back to normal state. In addition cool-down may consist of flexibility (static stretching), and myofascial release (foam roll).

Ultimate weight loss formula

Boxing is an ultimate weight loss formula with many more benefits to your body. Boxing is not only great for dropping a few pounds but it also helps build definition, speed, agility, upper body strength, and lean out your shoulders. Running or lifting weights can get boring at times so changing up your routine is a must especially if you have reached a plateau. In addition, Boxing is an amazing tool for stress relieve. Nothing works better than punching something to release some anger and stress.

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